Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aids go a long way toward improving your ability to communicate with friends and loved ones. Many accessories are available to help enhance those skills. They include:

  • Wireless connectivity is an increasingly popular option for today’s hearing aid users. The ability to connect wirelessly with other electronic devices allows you better flexibility and control, and improves sound quality in environments where background noise is an issue.
  • FM Systems. FM systems help you overcome a number of listening challenges including distance, background noise and poor acoustics. These devices consist of a microphone worn by (or placed close to) the speaker or sound source and a transmitter that sends radio signals to a receiver, where they are sent directly to a hearing aid or other device. They can help in classrooms, places of worship, movie theaters, etc.
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). ALDs are similar to FM systems but may also transmit via infrared signals or inductive loop technologies. They are essentially a type of personal amplifier that separates speech from background noise and amplifies it so you can hear more clearly.
  • Adaptors and Cords. Adaptors improve versatility by enabling your hearing aids to receive audio signals from electronic devices such as FM systems, ALDs, smart phones, TVs and more. Cords are used to connect the devices and allow transmission of sound to your hearing aids.
  • Cleaning Kits. Keeping your hearing aids clean is essential to extending their life. Cleaning kits simplify the process by offering a number of handy tools and accessories such as wax guards and picks, brushes, tube and vent cleaners, filters, battery magnets, etc. Many of the tools can also be purchased separately.
  • Extra batteries might be the single most important accessories to stock up on. Nothing is more frustrating than having your hearing aid batteries die unexpectedly and find you don’t have replacements on hand.