Pediatric Services

At Bartlesville ENT, we understand the unique needs of children experiencing hearing loss. Our compassionate team of professionals is skilled in helping children of all ages adapt to their hearing impairment, and offers an extensive lineup of pediatric services for young patients.

Children’s needs differ considerably when it comes to treating hearing loss. They are less able to convey the extent of their loss and most likely are not well versed on which questions to ask about their hearing treatment. Additionally, they will probably encounter problems adjusting the controls on their hearing aids and learning the appropriate programs to use. Because hearing is so essential to the learning and development process, it is crucial that their loss is treated as quickly as possible.


Our doctors will help your child through every stage of the process. Pediatric services provided include:

  • Comprehensive pediatric audiology evaluation to determine the type, degree and configuration of hearing loss.
  • Hearing aid selection, fitting and programming.
  • Extensive counseling on the use of hearing aids.
  • Regular follow-up appointments to provide adjustments and ensure your child is adapting to hearing aids.

To schedule a pediatric hearing consultation, please contact us at (918) 333-0474.